Why Partner Us?

1Location Advantage

Aditya Corporation is situated in the town of Sangli, which is an Important trading and arrivals center of various cash crop of the Krishna Valley Region. This helps in procuring the products literally from the farms.

2Cold Storage & Logistics​

A first of its kind ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) based robotic Cold storage backed by refrigerated vehicles for Raisins. This helps in no human inter-vention in handling and a throughput of 15 times that of a conventional cold storage of Raisins.

3State Of Art Processing Unit​

A state of the art Mechanised processing unit with equipment like laser sorters and mechanized drying and conditioning tunnel.This helps in a hygienic and scrupulous processing of Raisins.

4Wide Business Services​

An array of business services for various products, to suite different buyers, typically taking care of the ingredients offered in the purchasing process.

5Wide Variety of Branded Ingredients

A cost effective alternative for various end use and application with a wide variety of Raisins and a different harvesting season from the other major producing countries.

6Wide Range of Bulk Products

We offer a wide range of products likeTurmeric, Other Spices, & Agri Products:A Gamut of Products to choose from and thus a one-stop shop for your needs.

7Dissemination Of Information​

Fast market Information and intelligence to our stakeholders (farmers and customers), is provided through modern communication channels for an informed buying decision.

8Experience And Depth​

Aditya Corporation, along with its group companies is successfully into the business of Agri commodities since 1942, and the business of Raisins Since 1987. Raisins are collected with more than 1500 empanelled farmers giving a natural price advantage with less volatility and consistency of supplies backed by experience.