Locational Advantage


  • Sangli serves as a prominent hub for agro trading and processing in the Krishna Valley Region.
  • The region’s strategic location facilitates easy access to districts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Customers benefit from the region’s fertile land, ideal for cultivating cash crops and grapes.
  • Various grape varieties, including Thompson Seedless and Anab-e-Shahi, are grown for grapes,wines and raisin production.

Having a presence in Sangli since 1955 has given us an upper handand on the ground reality of the various field-level happenings in the region.

70 per cent of the area under grapes in the country.

Krishna Valley

The region’s agricultural diversity extends beyond grapes, with cultivation of cash crops like turmeric, chillies, sugarcane, soybean, and maize.

Customers can also enjoy an abundance of fresh fruits, such as pomegranate and strawberry, enhancing the range of agricultural products available.

Navi Mumbai APMC Market

  • Customers benefit from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai’s strategic location on the western coast, providing excellent trading and import-export opportunities for agro commodities.
  • The well-connected sea, air, and land transportation infrastructure ensures smooth logistics and timely delivery of agro commodities.
  • Mumbai, with its major port, serves as an efficient gateway for import and export of agricultural products to international markets.
  • The presence of APMC Market in Navi Mumbai offers a centralized hub for trading and distribution of agro commodities.
  • Proximity to agricultural regions ensures easy access to a wide range of agro commodities, providing customers with diverse options.
  • Mumbai’s status as a financial and commercial hub attracts a diverse range of traders and buyers, fostering a vibrant market for agro commodities.
  • The well-established infrastructure and supportive business environment in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai create an advantageous setting for agro commodity trading and import-export activities.

Having our Presence in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai since 1942 has given us an upper hand in to the accessibility of the infrastructure and a gateway to the customers across India and the Globe.