About us

What Do We Do?

The Karsandas Dhanji group companies comprises of close-knit companies. All in various businesses as General Merchants Commission Agents, Exporters, Importers, Brokers & Distributors for product like Raisins, Turmeric, Spices (Local & Imported), Dried Fruits & Nuts and other Agro Commodities.

We are located at Navi Mumbai (Largest Consumer APMC Market in Asia and home to Nava Sheva Port), Sangli (Reputed Trading Hub of Agro Commodities, located in Krishna Valley Basin) & collection centres for Agro Commodities in Tasgaon, Pandharpur, Nashik etc from farms.

Business of Aggregation, Commission Agency, Export, Processing and Cold Storing of Raisins. This is facilitated by state of the art ASRS Robotic Cold Storage, End to End Integrated Mechanised Processing backed by the Ministry of food processing, Central Govement of India.

Processing of Quality Ingredients at Right Price via our Umbrella brand Nature’s Blend for both B2B & D2C Supplies.

We are one of the largest brokers of Turmeric for export trade and have been known across various producing centres since the 1950s

We are Members (through Samarth Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.) of various national-level Commodity Derivatives exchanges, providing services like broking, trade initiation for exchanges based on physical deliverables etc.

Foreign Exchange Derivatives, Equities Cash / Derivatives broking and Financial and Investment services are also offered to our clients

What Do We Stand For?

Heart of a Traditional Commission Agent

To increase our footprint across stakeholders, we tend to refrain from taking long-term positions and do our business with the heart of a traditional commission agent.

House of finest Quality Ingredients

This is to achieve our long-term goal of being a house of the finest quality ingredients for whatever products we deal in. We get involved only in the products which we understand in depth and have the capabilities and resources to be present across the value chain.

Commitment to Farmers, Customers & Stakeholders

The management of Thakker Mercantile Pvt Ltd and its group companies, stands committed to the service of farmers, customers and stakeholders, through the adoption of best practices prevalent in the industry worldwide.

What Have We Achieved?

Our Achievements include a list of laurels that have repeatedly reaffirmed our confidence in being on the right path to serve our customers.

1Raisin Market Pioneers

Guiding farmers to shift from table grapes to raisins, driving market growth.

2Unrivaled Supply Base

Boasting over 6500 empanelled farmers, our Group Company has the largest procurement network in the country for raisins.

3Market Leaders in Raisin Sales

As net sellers in auction markets, we ensure the right price and timely supplies, setting us apart by a significant margin.

4Setting Quality Standards

Our HACCP-accredited processing center for raisins was the first of its kind in India, emphasizing our commitment to excellence.

5Founding Partners in Raisin Development

Partners of Aditya Corporation are instrumental members and stakeholders in Sangli Grape Processing Marketing & Research Industry Ltd, the exclusive raisin development cluster in India.

6Global Exploration for Raisin Processing

Partners conducted feasibility studies and toured Turkey and USA for plant & machinery selection, laying the foundation for mechanized raisin processing in India.

7Trailblazers in Raisin Production

As the first and sole company to conduct trials and commercial production at the Sangli Grape Processing Marketing & Research Industry Ltd, we spearheaded the adoption of mechanized processing methods for raisins in India.

8Designing Turmeric Derivative Contracts

Our family actively participated in the committee responsible for designing initial Turmeric contracts for the national-level commodity derivatives exchange.

9Trusted House Brokers

With the distinction of being the sole brokers for major trading companies in India, specializing in turmeric, other spices, and sugar, our Group Company has established a trusted reputation.


0Revolutionizing Cashew Sales

We played a key role in introducing the CNF Model of Sales for two prominent cashew kernel processors worldwide, transforming the industry.


1Empowering Overseas Suppliers

Acting as CNF agents, our Group Company facilitates the sales of spices, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts for overseas suppliers, enabling better price discovery and credit risk mitigation for them.

How Have We Evolved?

Karsandas Dhanji & Co

Karsandas Dhanji arrived in Mumbai then (Bombay) at the age of 15 and started his job in the grain wholesale market – in April 1940.

He started his business of brokering primarily for black pepper in the name of Karsandas Dhanji & Co. – in April 1942.


Membership of Spices and Oilseed Exchange Ltd (Sangli) taken to render brokering services of derivatives of Turmeric for customers, later diversified to other commodities in August 1955.

A branch office in Sangli was opened for procuring for export customers of Peanuts, Sugar, Turmeric Jaggery etc. – August 1955.


To diversify our business, Raisins procurement was started (which was made in insignificant quantities in some pockets around Sangli), for our pan-India customers. – Feb 1987.


Shares and stocks and investment advisory business started under the name Samarth / Sheetal – May 1989.


Membership of National Level Commodity Derivatives Exchanges for brokering and deliveries business. August 2004.


Aditya Corporation along with its group, acted as the founder member and dominant shareholder of the Central Government recognised Raisins processing cluster, the first of its kind in India for Raisins. – Feb 2009.  Aditya corporation was among the First suppliers to the Export trade from India for Raisins, June 2009.

Thakker Mercantile Pvt Ltd. Became the Westen India, sole CNF Sales agent for Cashew Kernels for one of the global leaders, the 1st among the many.


Direct Exports to Various Countries across the World were started through the group company Thakker Mercantile Pvt Ltd & Aditya Corporation.


State-of-the-art ASRS Robotic Cold Storage (1st In India) erection was commissioned for self-use and as an independent third-party service.

Fully integrated machinery with minimal human intervention and hi-tech equipment like Laser sorter and mechanised heaters was implemented for processing of Raisins.


Represented 4 global companies for the sole selling arrangement for imported spices in India. Successful line of B2B products was launched in the brand Nature's Blend.


Ventured In to D2C & Retail Sales with various Offline & Online Channels.